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Dating someone who is HIV-positive tly started dating a man that is HIV good

Dating someone who is HIV-positive tly started dating a man that is HIV good

Not long ago I started dating a man who’s HIV good. I understand just exactly how it really is sent as well as the dangers included, but I happened to be wondering if you will find any data out about being contaminated in my own comparable situation. Exactly just How high are my likelihood of contracting it when we are careful?

It is impossible for a intimately active individual become 100 % particular that s/he is protected from HIV disease or just about any other sexually transmitted illness (STI). But, there are lots of methods to somewhat reduce chance of transmission, even for the person that is uninfected a intimately active relationship with an individual who is HIV-positive.

Many reports have already been carried out on serodiscordant couples, and thus one partner is HIV-positive while the other is HIV-negative. Growing proof shows that as HIV medications be much more effective, HIV-positive people using antiretroviral medicines are notably less likely to transfer the herpes virus to a sexual partner than some one maybe maybe not using medication. In reality, in a research of very nearly 3,000 monogamous serodiscordant partners, it had been unearthed that if you use antiretroviral treatment, just 3.4 % of intimately active partners would send HIV through the contaminated to uninfected partner over an amount of a century. Danger is paid down further once the following qualifications are met:

  • The HIV-positive partner complies completely with her/his healthcare provider’s directions for antiretroviral medicines and it is examined frequently. (more…)