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Allow me to inform about Africa Is a nation

Allow me to inform about Africa Is a nation

Love, race and history in Ghana

Historian Carina Ray on the guide that explores the history of interracial closeness into the Gold Coast and Ghana.

Image from the guide’s address.

A few months ago I happened to be lucky to read through Carina Ray’s exceptional book that is new along with Line: Race Intercourse therefore the Contested Politics of Colonialism in Ghana in the history on interracial intimacy in the Gold Coast. I made a decision to interview her and when our conversation relocated from governmental economy and racism to governmental economy, racism and love, we figured – Valentine’s Day! So here it really is: an AIAC take on love, critical politics included.

How come you believe that the past reputation for interracial closeness within the Gold Coast / Ghana essential? Just just just What received you to definitely learn it and also to these whole tales in specific?

I’d like to respond to the question that is second. Once I started the archival work that culminated in Crossing along with Line , my intention would be to compose a completely various guide about multiracial individuals in colonial and post-independence Ghana. Much was written as it became almost exclusively focused on the slave trade about them in the context of the precolonial period as cultural, social, political, and linguistic intermediaries—the ubiquitous “middle(wo)men” of the trans-Atlantic trade, especially. Almost nothing, but, happens to be written about it team throughout the amount of formal rule that is colonial British West Africa. And so I put down to accomplish exactly that, but quickly found that even though the archive had much to say about interracial intimate relations into the Gold Coast, there was clearly general silence about their progeny. (more…)