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5 Myths Worth Debunking About Mentoring: read right here

5 Myths Worth Debunking About Mentoring: read right here

A few presumptions and generalizations about mentoring have actually morphed into urban myths in the long run. On this page, I’ll walk right back a few those presumptions to aid you see a mentor. Most of us require anyone to assist us develop as an individual and also as a pastor.

When we set our requirements artificially high, mentoring would be merely another chance of a shame journey. My prayer is the fact that after we blow up a few of mentoring urban myths, Jesus provides you to definitely your brain who’s outstanding fit for you personally.

MYTH # 1 – A mentor needs to be smarter compared to the mentee.

We stop learning and growing whenever we just pay attention to individuals who have more experience or training than we now have.

Pastors frequently start their ministries as eager learners. But pride can slip in and easily persuade us we don’t need instructors after graduation or ordination.

We’ll only look for a mentor we need one if we genuinely believe.

They didn’t listen or take notice but accompanied their very own advice and relating to their stubborn, wicked heart. They went backward and never forward. Jeremiah‬ ‭7‬:‭24‬

A good mentor doesn’t need more degrees or a prominent place that will help you move ahead in your faith. A great mentor simply does need a mentee that is humble.

MYTH # 2 – A mentor needs to be more than a mentee.

I’ve contributed somewhat for this misconception by suggesting pastors find some body roughly 10 years old than them. As a rule that is general we nevertheless stay by that (Titus 2:2-5), but you can find plenty exceptions compared to that rule that personally i think the requirement to downgrade that requirement up to a choice. (more…)