Cloud Storage Convert

Both my computers broke recently in the span of one week. Can you imagine the intensity of my breakdown? The motherboards on both were fried like pieces of bacon in a deep fryer like from, and I basically lost all my data. Well, almost all of it.

My primary computer, the one I use for work – coding, building websites, you know, that sort of thing – is completely dead because there was an electrical issue and the motherboard’s damage also impacted the hard drive, so I could save very little of my data.

However, thankfully, I had saved the most important files and projects on the cloud, on IDrive, so my work wasn’t gravely affected. I did this months ago when I was just trying it out, but it was a one-time thing and then I completely forgot about it. Until my computer broke.

My other computer, my personal computer, the one I use for gaming, watching movies, social media, storing personal files, and the like, was luckier. It was just the motherboard that was damaged and I fixed it pretty easily. But, that one could’ve been a disaster, because I hadn’t made a backup (shocking, I know) or had put any of the files on the cloud, thinking it just wasn’t that necessary, I don’t know.

When you’re working with computers all day every day, sometimes you think you’re capable of dealing with all kinds of calamities that other people aren’t, so you forget the easiest and most obvious solutions to these things. Therefore, I realized that cloud storage is pretty neat, I should make it a part of my storage solution.

It’s obvious why it’s so practical – you can access your data anywhere, not have to worry about losing your files should your system fail and you usually pay only for the amount of data that you store. I think I was skeptical for security reasons, though, because when you store your files on your PC you know where they are, they’re not a billion miles away from you, but I guess I should be more trusting of the security measures of the companies.

Long story short, now I’m backing up all my data on the cloud. My colleague/business partner laughed at me a little when I told her, because she had been storing her data on IDrive for years, and I was kinda late to the party. But it’s a great party anyway!