Day Away From the Screen

Even the most diehard computer nerds take a day or two away from the screen now and then. Otherwise your eyes start to cross and your brain ceases to function. You know the feeling. For me, it has to be something really enticing like an adventure on the lake with a bunch of my friends to get me to abandon my laptop. Imagine you have a friend with a boat and that you are invited to spend the day riding in tubes towed by it. It is a nice sunny day, not blazing hot, but warm enough to enjoy the chill of the water. The sky is crystal blue and the air is clear. It is a day for photography for sure. Instagram, get ready for a barrage of pix.

You and the gang arrive at the destination at the same time as the boat and you descend from your vehicle ready to roll. The moment the boat hits the water, you are all primed for fun and competition. Yes, we all have it in us to outdo one another at any sport. Why not tubing? If you have never tried the towable tubes from Inflatables Life, you are in for a surprise and some hilarity. You can yell and scream at each other to your heart’s content.

Imagine that you are the one elected to keep tabs as to who is the winner of concocted, imaginary races. You note down every name with care. It seems as if everyone has a turn at the coveted first place. Now you have to think of a prize. After a day of whooping it up on the water, the gang is exhausted and the boat is docked. It is time for a break and a bottle of cold beer. When award time comes, you offer the “best towable tube rider” with a basket of goodies. Some thoughtful soul remembered to bring it along for snack time, but it is now in the hands of the “winner.” He can dole out the treats as he sees fit. He has power for this one moment in time. That is his prize and he enjoys every minute as top dog.

At the end of the day as evening draws near, you assess the time spent away from your desk and you conclude that it has been more than profitable. You and your friends are relaxed, closer than ever, and refreshed and ready to resume work full speed ahead (yes, boats still linger in your mind). Friendships are established and deepened on outings like this and you to have more of them through the year. Before long you all will be busy on individual projects with no time to spare for outdoor recreation.

If you have been imagining this scenario as you read my blog, you will have entered into my own reality. It all happened exactly as stated. Now it is your turn to get out there on the water in the best towable tube.

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