Fingerless Gloves + Touchscreen = Win!

Sometimes you have an impossible task. For me, recently, it was finding the best cycling gloves that are comfortable, economic, and also allow me to use my touchscreen. It took a bit of searching as I was rather particular about what I bought. After careful scrutiny, I ended up with fingerless gloves. There are advantages and disadvantages to these, but it depends upon what is most important to you. Do you want coverage or do you want to access your touchscreen? I pride myself on being able to come up with sound solutions given many options. I know how to read between the lines and determine which product will serve me best. It is not enough to read the testimonials as they aren’t always specific enough. You must look at the photos carefully and read the product specifications. You want a good fit with some dexterity. You want a good grip on your bicycle controls. Given that I use my touchscreen virtually all day long, this turned out to be the priority in making my decision. When a particular usage is that obvious, why not go with your instincts.

I was so engrained in this search that I decided to buy a pair of cycling gloves like these for my brother as a gift. I knew he was wedded to his touchscreen so I went with a similar model but in a different color. He praised my choice to the skies. When we ride together now, we look like fingerless twins. What is good enough for me is certainly good enough for my brother. Getting the identical item therefore made perfect sense. There are constant choices in life to make, each more significant than the other. You have to have a good idea of your priorities to choose a good end result. Don’t just go with someone’s recommendation or because it was selling at deep discount. You get what you pay for is wise advise. Sometimes we don’t take the time to think things through. If we took hours on every purchase, we would never get anything done.

I should right a protocol for buying things online. It would start with why you want the object and what is your ideal price. You then list your options and start to compare as you reflect. You can make charts of pros and cons of each type of cycling glove for example. You could circle the important points—the key things you have discovered in your research. The item with the most circles wins. Above all you want your gloves to be well-made, preferably in the US, comfortable, designed for functionality and performance. You absolutely must be able to operate your touchscreen devices perfectly without a problem. Keep your gloves handy stored in your bike and take care of them if they get damaged, torn, or wet. Treat them like kid gloves and they will respond in kind. Good luck my fellow glove searchers.