My New Favorite Thing

I adore my new watch. It is my first smartwatch and man does it deliver. Its functions are multiple, making it a prized possession. It costs a pretty penny but I checked it out first before splurging. This is a once-in-a-lifetime buy and I made sure it was worth it. It comes from the famous brand Movado known for superior quality and design. Its Sport Motion model gives you everything you could possibly want including Bluetooth connectivity that you can pair with a smart phone or another device you may own. It can track steps like a fitness watch and even sleep. You just program in your goals. You don’t need several items to do what you need if you have a good smartwatch.

You can enter your activity goals on the date subdial. This beauty has a stainless-steel case and black bezel that surrounds the round dial and the matching reflector ring. The engineers got it right on this one. It has a silver-tone dot configuration that is iconic for Movado and hands that contrast elegantly. There are additionally white and orange accents that complete the dial. It makes for a beautiful focal point that you will look at frequently. Let’s not forget that this watch as Swiss quartz movement and is waterproof up to thirty meters. Plus, the push-button clasp secures the bracelet to your wrist. I can do all kinds of things with my new smartwatch over which I am ecstatic.

You can look but don’t touch. Once I took off the watch to show it to someone and I dropped it. So, I am not going to do that again. You can buy them online which doesn’t allow you first-hand judgement, but they are certainly available in stores. If you want to celebrate some success, treat yourself to this amazing mens watch. Sometimes we just owe it to ourselves to indulge. At this price, no one is going to give it to you for a holiday or a birthday. Sure, there are other choices, but when you consider functionality and design, the Movado wins every time. It is an award-winning company and is even sold in museum shops.

I have never seen one of my friends or colleagues wearing this watch, which is one reason for its purchase. I wanted something unique and all my own. A watch is kind a personal symbol or mode of identity because people always notice them, sitting prominently on your wrist. I can’t say that I have style in my attire, but I believe that I have made up for it with my stellar watch. Check it out on the Web and you will read the ample positive reviews. They are what sold me on it apart from the many uses. People seem to be honest when commenting on what pleases or displeases them, and this watch only gets raves. At night, I keep it in a dish on the dresser so it is the first thing I see when I open the drawers.