Celebrate Like a Pro

Building websites is fun and lucrative and I am happy to say it is my line of work. It is creative, innovative, and one of the most in demand jobs around. You could celebrate that fact any day of the week. However, my crew and I celebrate like pros only after an individual website build to mark its success and completion. While it happens with some degree of frequency, each time is a milestone to us.

Celebrating should be a regular part of life and most of us don’t do it nearly enough. We roll through our days, weeks, and months, forgetting to pat ourselves on the back every once in a while. It makes for dull living. There are times when it pays to take a break, sit back and witness work accomplished. It feels good and gets the spirit lifted every time. Take it from me that it should be a regular practice no matter what field you are in; and it should be done in a group! The pleasurable mood reverberates in unison with others, so take advantage of the camaraderie when and where you can. Life is all about the little joys that add up.

I believe that if you are going to celebrate, you should do it right. In my world, this means that we like to toast to achievements done as they happen. We get the best booze for our drinks and use only pure crystal barware in the appropriate sizes. Someone is in charge to make sure this gets done. Nothing less will do. If you are going to celebrate in style, why not have something quality in mind. Anything less is going to be a disappointment.

As it were, we came to the good barware part a little late in the game. We were celebrating with mixed drinks for the most part, eschewing the more plebeian beer and wine. (We get plenty of that stuff in our lives although it is surely great in its own way.) No, instead we were going for scotch whiskey in a nice glass on the rocks, vodka martinis, manhattans, gin and tonics, and the like. The best brands of renown graced our makeshift bar countertop. We had been doing this for some time and enjoying it immensely, but something was missing in the overall experience. It was the glassware believe it or not. That was it! It wasn’t up to snuff. The everyday options were plain Jane in comparison and added little to no pizzazz. Someone had the brilliant idea of getting fine crystal barware at a garage sale, and that was the beginning of a new tradition.

Does the liquor taste better in a crystal glass? Maybe, but I can tell you that it feels right and particularly special. You can get used stuff, of course, or have your own gang chip in and buy a new set that is brand spanking new to be inaugurated by you. Your choice. What matters is that you have these glasses on hand, and plenty of them. Celebrating like a pro has its requirements.