Instant Guest Room

If you have a spare room, a sleep over is no problem. But if you don’t, you should think ahead. You never know when someone will be snowed in or forced to stay till morning due to torrential rains and floods. A friend might be your guest if you are working on a project that takes you deep into the night. This has happened to me more than once. So be ready to roll out the air mattress; it comes in mighty handy.

I don’t think many people stock them in the linen closet, folded tight and ready to be blown up into a comfort zone. When they are filled with air, they are surprisingly comfortable. You need a blanket or two and some pillows to finish the job. With me, I trotted it out at midnight and voila! Instant guest room. I am sooo glad I was given one to me by my enterprising cousin for a gift. He had one, too, and passed on the practicality. I was duly appreciative and let him know I appreciated his wisdom about hospitality at home.

It stood forlorn at the back of the coat closet for a year until it was needed. I had, in fact, forgotten where it was and had to do some fast searching. Fortunately, I don’t have that many closets, and few that could house a portable sort of bed! By the way, you can keep them under an actual bed, in the garage if covered in tarp, in the attic, or trunk of your car. You just want it ready, willing, and able when the time comes. It is an emergency cot, sleeping bag, and mattress all rolled into one. No one should ever have to sleep on the floor or ground for any reason.

Accommodating guests is a nice thing to do, even if they are there only to work. They are still visitors to your home in a sense, and you may stop and have a drink or two to relax. So get a decent one that won’t burst open if your friend weighs over two hundred pounds. I have seen them on the Internet, of course, where I see everything else I want to buy.

I have compared them to the one I own and have scoured discount prices. You see, I plan to give one as a gift myself to a lucky recipient. I know that it is something everyone needs but doesn’t own. It solves the problem of the person who has everything. No more racking my brain about a birthday gift for a hiker or a teen girl who has slumber parties. Why not give an air mattress like this for a holiday or even as a wedding gift. Now that would be unique. Accompany it with a nice Coleman stove and a skillet and you are set.

In short, an air mattress can get you out of a fix at home, or it can keep you comfortable and dry outside while camping. It can do double duty as a bed for pets. Don’t underestimate the value of having one or two just in case.

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