What can a VPS do for you?

Hosting a website is a hurdle you have to get by after you have created your website. Many people love WordPress, how it can make getting a webpage up fast, and simple as well.

But, they don’t want to be on WordPress.com, as that doesn’t portray the image they want to show the world. So while they like WordPress. They want a different solution.

One is by using a Cloud hosting service. You are also in luck with as many today support WordPress websites.

This gets you out of your dilemma of being tied to the WordPress URL.

You now also have a variety of hosting solutions. One of the more interesting is the Virtual Private Server. (VPS)

This is where you have an imaginary Web Server that supports only your website.

For all intents and purposes it acts lick a real machine that has CPUs, memory, disk, Internet access etc.

This VM resides on a real machine that has many of these VPS boxes running on it.

This offers you many advantages. You can upgrade your memory, number of CPUs and other features. This often can be done on the fly without having to shut down your website.

If your business expands this is an easy way to let your Website’s performance to increase as its size grows. This helps prevent bottlenecks that can slow response times.

Another interesting feature with a VPS is that you can clone servers without having to actually contract for or buy any new hardware. So, instead of having one machine you now have two. This is a great way for a company, which has a preferred website design to utilize it for different groups within your firm and keep the users separate from each other.

For a company this speeds up bringing a successful eBusiness to new geographical locations, whether city, state, or country. These modular companies are more agile than a single large monolithic website that tries to handle the entire company.

This simplification of operations also lends itself to customization if needed.

If one VPS has a particular need that, a single area may require for its niche that may not be required for the others. You only have to make changes to that VPS and not affect the many hundreds or thousands of other users who may not require that functionality.

This saves greatly on your Web Maintenance costs.

The changes can be implemented on a small portion of the whole company and not affect the rest of your VPS network. If require system wide changes you can then schedule future changes and ripple them through the network in easily manageable numbers.

So, you see a VPS is a Software machine that gives you flexibility, expandability and at a much lower cost, that if you had to buy the hardware and set up multiple servers to get the same functionality.

The fact that all the VPSs are isolated from each other also enhances your security and data integrity