How to get a winning Website

More and more people are turning to WordPress as it offers a quick and easy way to get your company or personal website up quickly, simply, and cheaply.

The problem is the resultant website looks amateurish and lacks the look of more “professionally” designed websites.

So, what is the solution for you to get your website up and make it look good at the same time?

One solutions is to have it done for your and hire a design team of freelancers to do the work. You of course have then to take bids and get the best buy for you company.

Another simpler solution is to go to sites that already have website themes done and purchase the one you want. This gives you website that only requires slight changes to make it yours. Your logo is overlaid and you content is replaces the placeholder content.

You have in a short time a customized website that brings your business, products, or services to the web.

A third method entails you using a cookie cutter package that uses drag and drop that you use to build your website like a jigsaw puzzle.

This solution allows keeping the work in house and the software is simple enough that your office manger could build a corporate website in a short period of time.

You see having a highly trained staff of programmers on the payroll is no longer needed. Which new functionality would require it? General website functionality has been automated to the point that most websites all have similar functionality.

This drag and drop mentality is beginning to gain popularity as companies are trying to cut their IT costs. With the drop in prices for these development packages like “Genesis Framework” used by Studiopress. This is spawning many freelance website developers and builders. So, that now a website can cost as little as $100.

Freeware development software is also making inroads’ on the website development industry.

Many free software packages can now be downloaded that gives you a presentable website in as little as an afternoon’s worth of work.

The day of hand coding your website has given way to websites in a box as well that not only gives you a website but actually gives you an online business that goes along with it as well.

These automated eStores come to you as a boxed solution that all you have to do is load it to you webhost and with a little configuration, you are in business.

So you see nowadays you are presented with a dilemma of not just getting a website up and running, but which method to use.

You have the new world of the Cloud and now you have so many ways to bring your website to the Cloud as well. Your website can be created and brought up to speed using the traditional method of being hand coded.

You can hire the work done by freelancers. An Already created themed website, which can be customized. You can now also just buy a complete eBusiness in a box that gives you an eStorefront that is ready to be hosted and loaded with you catalog of Goods and services.

Decisions, Decisions But that the beauty of the Cloud today is that you have the choices and you can use the one that makes the best sense for you.