eBusiness in a Box?

Many times a webpage is the top-layer of an eBusiness, which may have many databases, order entry, shipping, inventory control, and billing systems.

You could spend a lot of money building this. You could also hire the work done. The Website, databases would need to be designed, created. Your products, services and ordering information would be needed to be codified and the data entry of inventory.

This is why packages like SAP are the popular way to do this. However, it may be cost prohibitive for many SMBs. (Small to Medium Businesses)

Another solution is to signing up with the eBay or Amazon eBusiness areas and they will let you open a virtual storefront hosted on their systems.

The 3rd solution is to get an eBusiness in a box. This is becoming popular and you can host your business where you choose in most cases and that means you can take advantage of Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting. This allows you to save on your IT costs and get you up and running independent of Amazon, eBay, or even Yahoo.

These solutions all rely on you buying their package and it comes with a website and all the rest you need to host your own eBusiness and webpage. You do have to shop around a bit though as some are not true complete businesses in a box, but a client package that sets you up under the umbrella of the software maker’s site similar to the eBay/Amazon models.

However when you get the right eBusiness in a box solution, it is a simple process to modify the website to fit your business and you are up and running.

However, there is a 4th way. This entails a hybrid approach. This requires combining a website, Smartphone, email, a Human Being(s) and a package like Quickbooks Pro and PayPal.

While this isn’t as pretty as the automated solutions, it does work and makes thousands a month for those who employ it.

The setup steps are reasonably simple. You obtain a webpage (you can use any of the methods you wish). You then link it to you email account or your SmartPhone.

On your webpage, you post a catalog of your products. This can easily be created with that selfsame SmartPhone.

Once this is done, you, wait for an order via email or SmartPhone text.

Not very sophisticated true, but it works for many college students well enough to work their way through college and have pocket money.

As you get a handle on how it works and you can expand. Quickbooks Pro can provide you with an inventory system and invoice/order system. While not as powerful as SAP, it can grow into a respectable SMB in a short period of time.

The 4th and final way is to use software obtained from eBay call Magneto and you have the complete eBay business model in a box. There are different flavors and the cost is proportionate to the size of your business. However, they do offer a Free version as well. The reason this is listed separately is that the eBay model is one of the best for setting up a business and the package itself stands apart from most of the other eBusiness in a Box solutions. As it is the exact system used by eBay itself

You now have 4 possible ways to create an eBusiness out of the Box.

“Happy Webbing”