Are Free Web Graphics Development Tools Worth the Price?

Let’s face the price of a good web development suite doesn’t come cheap. Adobe can have a hefty price tag, especially if you buy all the bells and Whistles that go with it.

Graphics WireFraming tools are hot right now and the prices for those packages are soaring.

So what can you do?

There is a little known African nation you could go to that has the highest software piracy rate in the world. You can tour there and buy any product made by anyone dirt-cheap. Many used to go to China and buy bootleg copies of all the popular packages. But the New Chinese President Xi is stamping down hard on bootlegging industry in China.

So, the sources for these products are drying up quickly as Chinese justice is swift and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of it. Also bringing these packages back to America is getting more difficult as TSA screeners are scrutinizing Laptops and Tablets now from those returning abroad. So it really isn’t worth the risk anymore to acquire pirated software anymore. (There are many who will of course disagree.)

And unless you work for a firm that will pay for the best and of course, they will want a BIG return on their investment.

You often have to make do with bits and pieces you download from the web and try to cobble something together to get your websites up and running.

This might actually be a viable solution IF you go about it intelligently and choose the “Right Stuff.”

Let’s take a look at some Net freebie Graphics packages that are quite good at what they do to help you get your WebPages up with a professional look and panache that may give the more expensive web Graphics development tools a run for their money.

Graphics images are one reason many turn to Adobe. However, in countries like China Adobe products are no longer welcome after the Snowden Wiki leaks affair.

Other countries are following suite and beginning to divest themselves of American top end IT software products and it is estimated because of the NSA, 20 to 40 billion dollars in business has be jeopardized or loses already incurred by the Snowden leaks, NSA backdoors, and hardware tampering.

Mischief may become the replacement for Adobe, as it is a fantastic software-painting package that offers an infinite canvas as well as imagery creation that almost defies description. The people with money agree and Mischief was recently acquired by The Foundry, which may make pump in enough capital to make a rival for Adobe’s dominance in the graphics industry for web development.



Gimp is another alternative to Adobe. Its learning curve is much simpler and intuitive than for Adobe.

It offers many of the same features and functions you need to get the images just the way you want them to create beautifully rendered graphic images for your Web pages.

For image editing, Aviary has a package you should see as it can take virtually and image and process it any way you want and one of its other selling points is that it can become part of your website and you can even allow visitors to utilize it on your site with features you allow them to use.

So you see, you now have choices when it comes to doing Graphics on your website. Look at these 3 options and decide for yourself whether Free is worth the price to you as well.